Holiday Activities FAQs

Information for parents on how we will operate safely during covid-19

At Sylvestrian Leisure Centre, the health and safety of both your children and our staff is paramount. We have put in place stringent measures to ensure your children can enjoy their holiday with us in a safe environment, whilst still having lots of laughs and enjoying fun activities!

Here is how we will keep your children safe during our Holiday Activities in 2022:

Personal Hygiene And Cleaning

  1. We will have a good supply of antibacterial hand sanitiser and soap will be readily available in every toilet area. Both children and staff will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly on arrival and between each activity, whilst also being encouraged to regularly use hand sanitiser throughout the day.
  2. We will limit the number of children using the toilet facilities at one time and toilets will be wiped down after each group has used them. Group leaders will use radios to coordinate use of the toilets to prevent crossovers.
  3. There will be enhanced cleaning regimes in place across the Leisure Centre and School site. Equipment will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of each activity. Surfaces will be cleaned before and after use, and touchpoints regularly cleaned throughout the day.
  4. All staff will wear gloves and face masks when administering first aid, and additional gloves and face masks will be available to all staff should they be required. Children under the age of 11 will not be required to wear a face mask, but children 11 and above are required to wear a face mask when moving around the premises, outside of classrooms, such as in corridors and communal areas as well as classrooms or during activities unless social distancing can be maintained. This does not apply in situations where wearing a face covering would impact on the ability to take part in exercise or strenuous activity, for example during sports. We ask that your child is sent to the camp with a suitable face covering.

Social Distancing

  1. In line with social distancing requirements, we have reduced the camp capacity.
  2. Children will be organised into ‘bubble’ groups of no more than 16 children. They will then remain in their ‘bubble’ for the whole week. The Group Leaders will stay with the same group all week and these groups will not mix with others.*Please note, where possible we will do our best to accommodate bubble requests for siblings and friends, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be met. Any bubble requests must be put in writing no later than one week prior to the start of camp*.
  3. We will ensure that when parents arrive to drop off/collect their child(ren) that we adhere to the government guidelines on social distancing, ensuring there is 2 metres between everyone. Where possible, we request that just one parent attends site. Floor signs and one-way systems will also be in operation where queuing is necessary.
  4. For inside activities, children will be spaced 2 metres apart. We will also make full use of all our outdoor space, ensuring that different groups are kept apart. Only one group per activity area will be allowed at any one time.
  5. Our programme of activities will be adjusted to comply with social distancing, and some of our usual activities will be suspended. We will of course continually review this throughout the summer in line with government guidelines.
  6. Lunch time will be staggered to ensure groups do not come into contact with each other, and where possible with weather permitting, children will eat lunch outside. As always, children will be required to bring a packed lunch, but we will not be providing our usual tuck shop service this summer.

Covid-19 Symptoms

  1. On arrival, all children will have their temperature checked. Any child with a high temperature will not be permitted to attend. Any child who develops a high temperature during the course of the day will not be able to stay at camp and parents will be contacted and asked to pick up immediately.
  2. If a child begins to show any of the following symptoms, there will be a designated area where the child can be kept safe and isolated until they are collected.
    High temperature
    A new, continuous cough.
    A loss or change to their sense of smell or taste
    Parents will be contacted and asked to pick up immediately.
  3. If a child presents with COVID-19 symptoms, that child and their bubble will be sent home to self-isolate. We will request that the child is tested, and the Holiday Activities Manager informed as soon as possible whether or not the result is positive. If it is positive, all children and staff in that bubble will be required to self-isolate for 10 days.
  4. At the time of booking, parents will be asked to declare that both they and their child(ren) have not been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive with COVID-19 and if they have, that they have self-isolated for 10 days.
  5. All staff will need to complete a health declaration confirming that they have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive with COVID-19 within the last 14 days. Staff will complete this health declaration on a bi-weekly basis.
    All staff will be tested twice weekly with a lateral flow test.


When are you running your camps?

We will be every all school holiday – you can book online using the ‘Book now’ button or you can all our Reception team on 020 8509 6526.

What are you doing when you re-open to ensure everyone’s safety?

We have introduced the following measures to keep everyone safe at our Holiday Activities this summer:

  • Reduced camp capacities
  • Maximum of 16 children per group
  • Programme adjustments
  • Clearly visible social distancing signage
  • Gloves and facemasks available for our teams
  • Thorough handwashing for all throughout the day and hand sanitiser stations across the site
  • Anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed on site and those falling ill on site will be isolated immediately
  • Contactless sign in & out
  • Staggering of break and lunch times
  • Staggered drop off/collection times
  • Enhanced cleaning routines
  • Twice weekly testing of staff
  • Use of face masks for over 11s

What happens to my payment if my child is sent home or asked to self-isolate?

If your child is unable to attend due to COVID-19 relating factors, we will credit any missed days of your booking to use within 1 year. However, under the circumstances, we are offering additional flexibility with regards to our refund policy, so please contact the Holiday Activities Manager to discuss your circumstances.

What happens to my payment if I have booked but now you are closed the week that I booked for?

We will be in touch to look at moving your booking to a later date when we are operating or to offer a credit note to use on a future camp within 12 months of issue. Please bear with us as we contact all customers who have been affected.

Are you staggering arrivals, break times and pick ups?

Yes. When booking, you will be allocated a drop-off and a pick-up time for your child(ren). Signing in and out will be contactless and will be done by a member of the SLC team. Break times and lunchtimes will be staggered throughout the day to ensure groups do not come into contact with each other, and where possible with weather permitting, children will eat lunch outside.

*Please note, we will do our best to accommodate requests for drop off and pick up times, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be met*

How will bookings work this year and how will you ensure that groups are kept consistent?

This year, we are only accepting bookings for full weeks (five consecutive days) which means that you will not be able to book your child on an ad-hoc basis. In order to comply with government guidelines and for the health and safety of both our staff and all children attending, children will need to be allocated to a ‘bubble’ for the entire week. We want to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between multiple children and be able to accurately trace a child’s bubble should anyone develop symptoms of COVID-19.

We will of course continue to follow government guidance on a daily basis and will update our policies and risk assessments accordingly should guidelines change.

We will record the details of every child’s bubble on a daily basis. If we are contacted by a parent/guardian or the NHS track and trace to inform us of a positive test, we are then able to alert all parents/guardian whose child may have come into contact with an infected individual.

We all have a responsibility to create a COVID-secure environment, which we will do through all the measures we have set out, and we expect that our parents/guardians will also act responsibly. It is vital that parents/guardians do not allow their child(ren) to attend if they are showing symptoms or are required to meet self-isolation or testing protocols after coming into contact with someone who has tested positive COVID-19.

What if my child is in a bubble that is then asked to self-isolate due to someone showing symptoms?

You will be notified immediately and required to come and collect your child from Camp as soon as reasonably possible. Whilst waiting, all children in the bubble will be subject to isolation protocols. Your child and household will then be required to adhere to government self-isolation protocols. If your child or member of your household starts to display symptoms, then they will be eligible for a test.

We will welcome your child back to camp once self-isolation and/or testing protocols have been met and it is safe for them to return. You will be entitled to a credit note or you can reschedule the days missed free of charge to a later date.

What are your isolation protocols?

If someone on camp starts to display symptoms of COVID-19, the entirety of their bubble will be required to isolate until they are collected. All parents/guardians will be notified immediately and required to come and collect their child(ren) as soon as reasonably possible.

The bubble will be isolated with the individual showing symptoms isolated separately whilst monitored by our team.

All of the bubble is then required to meet government guidance on self-isolation and/or testing including our team members before returning to camp. If anyone shows symptoms, they will then be eligible for a test.

The rest of camp will continue as normal avoiding the areas that the isolated bubble used until these have be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

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