Fitness Classes

We have a diverse range of fitness classes with each individual class targeting specific areas of your body. Run by professional trainers and class instructors, they will guide you and support you during these sessions so you can achieve your own personal fitness goals. We are in partnership with We TRAIN BEAR, who provide us with intense and challenging workouts which are proven to help both your mental and physical fitness. All classes are £10 unless you have a Peak membership or Fitness Class membership.


KETTLEBELL KHAOS GIVES PUMPING IRON- OR SHOULD WE SAY, SWINGING IRON- A WHOLE NEW MEANING. This is a fantastic total body workout fully utilises the cannonball- with handle like equipment, know as the ‘KETTLEBELL’. Throughout the session we’ll coach you on great techniques to best strengthen your body, improve your posture and swing away those KCALOR-AYS. With your kettlebell in paw, combining power and multi-plantar movements, the stamina, core and total strength  gained in this workout, is sure to challenge every type of BEAR.


The STRENGTH L.A.B sessions are designed to burn fat, build muscular strength & Endurance and to increase your flexibility, mobility and lower risk of injury.

STRENGTH L.A.B aims to get you in better physical and mental shape for life challenges. Life is easier when you are strong! Using equipment such as dumbbells & Kettlebells, this full body workout will redefine what it means to “Grin and Bear it” whatever your level

Core Blimey and Stretch

We TRAIN BEAR brings you a core workout that’ll have you shouting CORE BLIMEY! By honing in on your core support squad, you’ll boost stability, endurance, and balance, making you practically invinvicible. All the exercises in Core Blimey have options, so it’s challenging but achievable, whatever your level of fitness. Utilising bodyweight exercises like crunches and planks, we mix in some hip, butt, and lower back exercises ensuring your core is well and truly cooked. With a solid stretch to follow the hard work, we ensure you’ll leave feeling great and ready to be a champ in any activity.



RAW is the ultimate workout for improving functional fitness. Incorporating traditional training styles such as farm tyre flips, slam balls, sledgehammer swings, battle ropes and kettlebell exercises, this class will dramatically improve all aspects of your functional fitness while dramatically burning unwanted body fat.


Muscle strengthening activity. A class to focus on improving core strength whilst improving overall fitness and wellbeing.

Combination of floor exercises and standing exercises all aided by a mat.

Hatha Yoga

Take time off and take care of yourself no matter if you’re a beginner or experienced yogis.

Hatha yoga is the perfect way to end your day and release… The class incorporates classic yoga poses and breathing techniques with elements of flow to energise the body, before ending with longer held stretches and relaxation to set you up for a restful evening.


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