Fitness Classes

We have a diverse range of fitness classes with each individual class targeting specific areas of your body. Run by professional trainers and class instructors, they will guide you and support you during these sessions so you can achieve your own personal fitness goals. We are in partnership with We TRAIN BEAR, who provide us with intense and challenging workouts which are proven to help both your mental and physical fitness. All classes are £10 unless you have a Peak membership then they are free of charge.


A class that strengthens your muscles whilst improving your cardio. Building up your endurance through the practice of ballistic exercises and training one to use unilateral and bilateral movement.


The STRENGTH L.A.B sessions are designed to burn fat, build muscular strength & Endurance and to increase your flexibility, mobility and lower risk of injury.

STRENGTH L.A.B aims to get you in better physical and mental shape for life challenges. Life is easier when you are strong! Using equipment such as dumbbells & Kettlebells, this full body workout will redefine what it means to “Grin and Bear it” whatever your level


Through a mixture of short bursts of max energy high and low impact bodyweight exercises that challenge you across various planes of movement. Using nothing but yourself, these sessions will develop your muscular tone, cardiovascular fitness and overall endurance.



RAW is the ultimate workout for improving functional fitness. Incorporating traditional training styles such as farm tyre flips, slam balls, sledgehammer swings, battle ropes and kettlebell exercises, this class will dramatically improve all aspects of your functional fitness while dramatically burning unwanted body fat.


Muscle strengthening activity. A class to focus on improving core strength whilst improving overall fitness and wellbeing.

Combination of floor exercises and standing exercises all aided by a mat.


Vinyasa is a highly adaptable style of yoga for all levels that links movement with breath. Each class nourishes the mind, body and soul by focusing on a different element – Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Each element corresponds to different areas of the body and each class is built around that particular element for a rounded, fully body experience.


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