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Lose Weight

Losing weight is generally seen as a hard task. Whether it be before a holiday or for a new year’s resolution, the word ‘diet’ is often referred to as the only way to actually lose a ‘few pounds’. But losing an extra bit of weight can actually be relatively easy. With the right information on certain food choices and portions sizes, there is no need to diet.

Using the below formula is the simplest way to lose weight:

Fewer calories consumed + increased physical activity = weight loss!

This is the easiest, simplest way to lose weight. If you are burning more calories than you are consuming, weight loss will obviously be a direct result.

Other ways to work towards losing weight would be making slight changes in your daily nutritional intake. Most of us depend on a certain type of food group which makes up majority of our diet. With the mass availability of refined carbohydrates on offer, a simple swap from a bag of crisps to an apple will not only help you towards your weight loss goal, but will keep you feeling fuller for longer, due to the fibre it contains, whilst also providing you with many additional nutrients and vitamins which our bodies require in order to function correctly.


Cardiovascular training is very good for improving heart and lung function, whilst also providing a good way to get rid of unwanted fat. 10 minutes of moderate-intense cardio is proven to have many health benefits, whilst also boosting endorphins which are proven to cut the risk of mental health issues by nearly 40%. Steady state cardio is seen by many as being particularly boring if you are not into recreational or competitive running. This is why the emergence of ‘Interval Training’ has now become very popular with the majority of people, due to the short amount of time it takes to perform and also the results which are obtained from the intensity of this type of training.


Weightlifting is very important not only in creating and helping muscles grow stronger and appear more toned, but also the effect it has on our nervous system and our bones. Weight bearing exercise, whether it be using resistance or one’s own bodyweight, is proven to ward off the onset of muscular skeletal conditions, such as osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, which can be very debilitating during later years in our life. The effect weightlifting also has on our metabolism can also help towards your goal of losing weight while building lean muscle. Due to the nature of training with resistance, our metabolism works at a higher capacity, due to the effect that weights have on our nervous system.

What does this mean though???

In a nutshell, you carry on burning calories for a long time, even once you have left the gym, which in return will burn more unwanted fat which is no good to our bodies.

Lose weight at Sylvestrian?

Here at Sylvestrian Leisure Centre we pride ourselves on educating our members, whilst also helping them to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. With today’s media offering you pills that will ‘help you burn fat’ and shakes that will transform you into a herculean athlete, it is easy to get swept away with the hype. We believe that your health and wellbeing is the most important aspect. This is why we offer services such as personal training and health overhauls, where an experienced professional will access all aspects of your life and help you towards reaching your goal, whilst monitoring your results on a regular basis.

Get Fit

Best ways to get fit

Getting fit is about making small changes to our everyday lives. 10 minutes of physical exercise three times a day, at moderate intensity, is proven to give us a range of health benefits. With the availability of different types of membership plans and options, performing physical exercise could not be easier. Starting off with gradual small changes and slowly progressing in terms of nutrition and physical exercise, will not only be a lot more easier to follow, but will also engage you to keep morale and willpower high, so changes become a new lifestyle rather than a quick simple fix, where you are more likely to drop out and return to old habits and way of living.

Getting fit at the gym

Getting fit at the gym is generally seen as the activity to engage in, in order to create a new lifestyle and make healthy changes. Starting out at any gym can be a daunting experience, when most new gym members are not very confident about performing new exercises. At Sylvestrian Leisure Centre, we believe in helping you gain your confidence and knowledge before you are left to your own personal tailored programme. Our instructors will help you with your aims and help you to achieve your goals, by having a general talk about what you wish to gain from using the gym. With our ‘Health Overhaul’ service which is included within every level of membership, we can work together by meeting on four, six or 12 week review basis, to ensure that you are heading in the right direction and still keeping motivated.

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